My VLMA Martial Arts Center Drakulic

My VLMA Martial Arts Center Drakulic



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Your Home Away From Home
At the Martial Arts Center Drakulic, all are welcome with open arms. We want everyone to feel at home and relaxed so they can realize their potential in a stress-free enviroment. We do our very best to cater to each students individual needs.

Knowledge, Experience and Competence

Martial Arts Center Drakulic offers Wing Tsun classes - an effective system of self-defense - for adults and children in a friendly atmosphere. The Wing Tsun system combines efficient self-defense with natural movement. Experience a brilliant traditional Martial Art originating from China!
Wing Tsun is suitable for women and men of any age as well as for children and adolescents.

In addition to unarmed self-defense, we offer the possibility to learn Escrima, a Filipino martial arts that focuses on the use of sticks, bladed and impact/blunt weapons.

This training program focuses on improving your fitness and general health.
Classes are based on modern fundamentals including physio segments such as injury prevention.

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